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Leading The Industry

At Blue Wagon, we strive to raise the standards of professionalism in the landscaping industry. We don't want to be like every other Chuck-in-a-truck company.


1. We Pay Above A Living Wage

28% above the industry standard pay

Blue Wagon values its employees by paying them a starting wage of $20 per hour and an average wage of $23 per hour in 2022, which is well above the industry average of $18 per hour and the living wage in Calgary. Our employees also receive various benefits such as WCB, CPP, and EI. We prioritize the well-being of everyone on our team.


2. We Are Fully Insured

Blue Wagon carries various types of insurance, including commercial liability, cyber security, and workers' compensation, to protect our employees and clients. We also have a strict PPE policy and provide safety training - which has so far led to a 0% injury rate.


3. Quality and Proffesionalism

We still have every single original customer from when we started in 2014

Blue Wagon prioritizes professional service with measures such as uniforms, lettered trucks, reliable scheduling, closed gates, and new equipment. We have all 5-star reviews on Google and have retained every one of our original customers since 2014.

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