Leading The Industry

At Blue Wagon, we don't want to be like every other Chuck-in-a-truck landscaping company out there. It is our goal to raise standards of professionalism in every facet of our business. Keep reading below to see how we consistently do that:


1. We Pay Above A Living Wage

28% above the industry standard pay

Today's world is filled with large corporations that work their employees to the bone and in return pay them nothing but minimum wage - Blue Wagon is not one of them. At Blue Wagon, employee wages start at $20 an hour. In 2022, our average wage for field workers was $23 an hour - $5 above what the government deems a living wage in Calgary and well above the industry average of $18 per hour. Not only that, but we also ensure that all employees receive WCB, CPP, EI, and numerous other benefits. You can feel rest assured knowing that the folks maintaining your property are working for a company that makes their well being a top priority.


2. We Are Fully Insured

At Blue Wagon, we understand that it is important to make sure the people working on your property are fully covered in case something ever went wrong. That is why we have always carried commercial liabilty insurance, workers compensation, cyber security insurance, and more. We will always take all commercially reasonable measures to protect you and our workers. Not only that, but Blue Wagon has a strict PPE policy. We always wear ear and eye protection, steel toe boots, pants, and other protective gear. All employees also take part in safety training. Because of this, we so far have a 0% injury rate having worked for hundreds and hundreds of properties.


3. Quality and Proffesionalism

We still have every single original customer from when we started in 2014

Providing proffesional service is our #1 priority. That is why we do things like: wear uniforms, drive lettered trucks, close gates, use new commercial grade equipment, offer automted billing via credit card, always show up on the day we are scheduled for, and much more. We currently have all 5 star reviews on google. Blue Wagon even still has every single one of our original customers from when the owner, Michael Di Marzo, was pulling his little wagon around the neighborhood in 2014. 

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