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Providing Quality From A Young Age

About the Owner:  Michael Di Marzo

The name Blue Wagon comes from the company's humble beginnings when the owner, Michael Di Marzo, started cutting grass for neighbors as a young boy with a small blue wagon. As he grew older and the business expanded, the blue wagon evolved into trucks, but the company kept the name to honor its roots and the hard work and dedication that went into building it. When you hire Blue Wagon, you become a part of the company's story by supporting a local student-owned business while receiving top-quality service and a lasting commitment to your satisfaction.

Michael At Age 13 with his blue wagon

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Blue Wagon's Commitment to Quality

Blue Wagon is here to stay. A majority of landscaping companies come and go overnight. We are not one of them. We are a professional and experienced landscaping company in Calgary that is fully insured and incorporated. We use top commercial equipment and strive to raise industry standards. Trust us to provide an exceptional lawn care experience.

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