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Calgary's Top Fall Cleanup and Lawn Aeration Service

Lawn aeration in Calgary
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Click the "Check Price" button to confirm your price and book a cleanup service instantly. This is a 1 month subscription.

Leaf cleanup service

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We visit weekly

Our crew will visit the property once a week to clean up the leaves and mow the grass for a month.

Fall lawn maintenance

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Sit Back & Relax!

You can spend more time reading a book or with your family knowing that the yard will be taken care of!

Leaf cleanup in Calgary

Premium Fall Cleanup In NW & SW Calgary

As the vibrant summer hues give way to the mellow tones of fall, Calgary's lawns and gardens demand a touch of extra care. At Blue Wagon, we ensure your green spaces remain beautiful and healthy throughout the changing seasons with leaf cleanup and lawn aeration. You pay one price for the month and then we come by and clean up the leaves as well as mow the grass every week of that month. That way we ensure that the leaves are consistently tidied and not just one time. 

Fall cleanup in Calgary

Fall Cleanup & Lawn Aeration Pricing Calgary

At Blue Wagon, we prioritize quality and affordability tailored to each unique yard. Our rates for fall cleanup and aeration services are competitive and transparent. Renowned in Calgary, our leaf removal offers unmatched value without a hefty price. Get a personalized instant quote with no-obligation and experience our commitment to both excellence and affordability.

Landscaping & Lawn Care Services in Calgary

Select From Our Property Services Below:

  • Does Blue Wagon have insurance?
    Yes! Blue Wagon has 2 million dollar liability insurance, 3rd party and collision auto coverage as well as cyber security insurance. We also pay for workers compensation.
  • How do your quotes work?
    For Maintenance Residential Maintenance: Go to the "Instant Lawn Care Pricing" section of the home page Here you will find a form to fill out. The form will prompt you to select the service you are interested in, your personal details (address and contact info), and when you are looking to have the work done. Based on the service you select, you will be given an instant price online. In order to book service, simply finish filling out the form. Once you have completed the instant pricing form, our office will contact you to confirm the day of service and collect payment information
  • How does invoicing work?
    Once you have signed up for service, we will send you an invoice via email or text every 15 days. We accept payment via credit card.
  • How far out is Blue Wagon booking?
    Typically, we can schedule a quote within the next 10 days. However, in the spring time, we are often booked out for 2-3 weeks.
  • How will notify me when you plan to do a service?
    We will send you an email to confirm scheduling when you first book with us. After that, you will receive a text alert 1 day before every service to remind you.
  • What if I am not home during my maintenance visit?
    No worries! Since our crews run during business hours, most of our clients are working during the day and are not home. Please make sure to keep the gate unlocked and the pets inside before you leave so our crew will have access to the front and back yard.
  • I'm on vacation or at work, how will I know that my property has been done?
    You will automatically receive a notification once the work is completed, with pictures of your property.
  • What is Blue Wagon's cancellation policy?
    We do not believe in locking you into a contract. You can cancel a maintenance job and will not be charged as long as we have 48 hours notice. For landscaping jobs, if you cancel after the work has been scheduled, we will not be able to refund your deposit because we will have likely already bought materials and taken time to prepare for the job, however, we will not charge for any incomplete labor as long as we have 48 hours notice.
  • I have a dog, is that a problem?
    As a professional landscape maintenance company, we have had a lot of experience dealing with all sorts of pets. We have a lot of pet lovers on staff as well. For the safety and well being of your pet, we have our own pet policy for their protection. Our equipment and staff could easily scare your pet if your pet is loose in the back yard. For this reason we won’t go in. We ask that you keep your pet inside on your day of service. Also, we ask that you pick up after your pet.
  • What if I usually lock my gate?
    We will always send you reminder notifications so that you are aware of our schedule. It is your responsibility to ensure the lock is off the gate so that our crew can complete the job. If we unload all of our equipment and find you forgot to unlock your gate, we’ll mow everything we can and move on.
  • How high should I cut my lawn?
    We recommend leaving your grass 3-4 inches tall.
  • Should I mulch or bag my grass clippings?
    If your grass is more than 5 inches tall, we recommend bagging the clippings. Otherwise, mulching is a better option because the clippings will act as a natural fertilizer and should not be aesthetically noticeable.
  • Do you offer a mowing service for when I'm away on vacation?
    You can sign up for as little as one mowing visit. However, the price goes down per-visit if you sign up for a longer period of time.
  • What is your grass cutting season?
    We provide our mowing service from mid May to mid October.
  • What hours do you work?
    During the spring/summer, our crews generally work from 8:00am - 7:00pm Monday - Saturday.
  • How are fall cleanups done to ensure all my leaves are removed?
    Typically fall clean ups are done using a multiple visit method. This ensures that leaves are removed in a timely fashion and that lots more leaves do not accumulate after the clean up is done. Depending on when you sign up for this service you will receive two or more visits with some of the duties performed each visit such as removal of annual plants, trimming and tying of shrubs, raking leaves and a final lawn cutting. This service is critical as leaves allowed to remain on the lawn throughout the winter could be detrimental to your lawns health. We try to get all clean ups completed in November or early December, however we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.
  • When will you do my cleanup?
    We do yard cleanups in the order they are booked. We encourage you to book early in the season. We can't provide a specific date due to uncertain weather, but we will give you a range of a few dates and then notify you a day or two before your service. You'll also receive a picture notification when we're done.
  • Will you pick up the cores after service?
    Although aeration cores may not be the most pleasant to look at, keeping them on your lawn after an aeration helps recycle the soil, add topdressing to your lawn and increase water retention. Don't worry though, after approximately 2 weeks the aeration cores will begin to decompose. We don't remove the cores from your lawn since we want the results from our service to be the most effective!
  • Do I need to mark my sprinkler heads?
    Yes you do! When our pre-notification goes out and you are scheduled for an aeration, please mark your sprinklers with flags so that technician will see them. However, we always try our best to watch for sprinklers and mark them. Any damage to unmarked sprinklers during the aeration service will not be covered.
  • When should I aerate my lawn?
    Major growing seasons occur in the spring and fall, which is why it is best to decompact the ground and open it up for water and nutrients to enter during these periods.
  • What is power raking?
    Power raking removes thatch, the dense mat of stems and roots that accumulates where your grass meets the soil. A little thatch is good for lawns, but too much will prevent water, air, and nutrients from reaching the soil beneath.
  • Am I locked into a snow removal contract?
    It's a long winter season across Canada. Usually we see five months of snow, but that doesn't mean you have to be locked into a snow removal contract for the whole time. For our snow removal services there is a one-month minimum commitment, and no penalty for cancelling.
  • What is ice melt?
    Ice-melt is a form of salt that works by lowering the freezing point of water. A sprinkle of salt on your sidewalk melts light snowfall and combats icy patches. If you add ice-melt to your service, it will be applied as needed when your crew is out clearing a fresh snowfall.
  • Do you come a limited number of times to clear snow?
    We come out as many times as needed. There is no extra charge beyond a certain number of visits—just your flat monthly rate.
  • Do you have a surcharge for heavy snowfalls?
    No, we don't charge more when it snows more, just your flat monthly rate. If you've signed up for our service before a heavy snowfall, it's service as usual. If you're joining our routes after some accumulation has built up, there may be a one-time surcharge to "reset" your property before starting regular service. Please note that snowfalls in excess of 10cm are exempt from our time guarantees. Try as we might, these days always take longer than expected, as moving through the city is considerably slower.
  • How early in the day do you come out?
    It depends on when the snow stops falling. Crews are dispatched as early as 6 am.
  • What equipment do you use?
    Everything to get the job done! For snow clearing we use shovels, backpack blowers, snow-throwing machines, and ice chippers. We use commercial-grade equipment that has poly blades so it won't cause any damage. We also developed proprietary software to create the most efficient routes and send you timely notifications.
  • Is the fertilizer safe for pets and kids?
    Yes it is, the fertilizer we use is safe for pets and kids. It gets embedded into the soil since it's granular and this means it is very difficult for your pets or kids to be exposed to it.
  • Can I cut my grass after you fertilize?
    We don't recommend mowing your lawn for 24 hours after fertilization. Mowing the lawn can remove some fertilizer pellets and decrease its effectiveness. Instead, water your grass and wait 24 hours to mow it.
  • Should I water after you fertilize?
    Absolutely, water away! We want to make sure the fertilizer embeds into the soil. Watering the fertilizer helps it enter the soil and begin to provide nutrients to your grass. However, if a weed control application happened at the same time, then we ask you to please hold off on watering for 12 hours to let the weed control absorb into the weeds.
  • Can I water after you apply weed control?
    We ask you to please wait 12 hours to start watering after a weed control application. Water will wash off the weed control and it will not be effective. To receive the best results from our weed control, it needs to be fully absorbed into the weed. On hotter days this can happen much quicker than 12 hours, but it's best to let the area completely dry for the full 12 hours.
  • Does the weed control include unlimited sprays?
    Yes they do! We have a few scheduled services that snuff weeds out at the beginning of the season and then maintain them going forward. However, if you notice any new weeds popping up on your lawn in between visits, do not hesitate to contact us . We will gladly have one of our technicians come out and take care of them! Please note that it takes between 7-10 days to see the full effect of our weed control.
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